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How to create authentic engagement on Instagram now the like visibility is gone.

You may have heard the word on the street, and checked your own Instagram account to see that yes, it is true, after trialling this in Canada for the last few months: Instagram has removed the visibility of likes from all accounts in Australia! (Note that it’s still in testing phase). 

NO more store-bought likes! No more people having bots creating the façade of engagement on their Instagram accounts, as Instagram has put an end to the of likes and we think it’s fantastic.  

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Don’t you work in social media? Isn’t this bad for business? The short answer is no! It’s actually a good thing.  And here’s why: 

Not only will it assist in improving the overall mental health of those who were measuring their creativity online with the numbers of likes- It will also bring about a focus on Genuine engagement, and that is what we here at 2aT are all about. 

Genuine, authentic growth and engagement, that ultimately leads to a stronger possibility for lead conversions and new clients for you and your business. 


For those worried that the removal of this function may affect them in a negative way, we have great news: even though the likes are gone- Insights is here to stay.

You will still be able to see the metrics of each post, as Instagram hasn’t removed the insights functions. You can still view your overall engagement, traffic and traction as before. 

And, if you’re really keen to see, you can click on the ‘others’ function (where the likes number used to be) and have a look at all of the people who have clicked like on your post! 

So with the likes visibility gone, but the insights remaining what this means for businesses operating on Instagram is that we will still be able to see everything we need to, in order to analyse whether or not our post is effective. 

Our prediction here is that accounts will now become more genuine on the whole. 

No longer will people be posting certain types of content simply to gain likes, as this will be no longer what matters.

Content will shift into a more engaging and genuine style overall, and what this means for you and what you post is that you can be your engaging self-online and create an audience that is not built on likes, but on connection! How great is that?! It’s also good to note you will still be notified when each like comes in for your posts, but this info will not be available to anyone but you.

The big question: How do I drive engagement now with likes not visible? 

In short, if you’re creating great vaulable conent nothing should really change. Howeve below are some of our tops tips for driving engagement to your Instagram account:

Firstly- Engage with others! This one might sound like an overly simple tip, but it is actually one of the most effective techniques you can employ when it comes to creating a community of engaged followers for your business. 

Go out and take a look at accounts of businesses that are ‘complementary’ to yours. For example, someone in the events industry may be complementary to photographers, beverage companies, DJ’s, live bands, caterers…And so on. 

Create rapport online by engaging in a real and considered way. Read their whole caption, and comment accordingly. 

This way people will see you and that you are genuinely interested in what they are doing and what they have to say, and will be more likely to come and take a look at your account and what you’re up to. It’s just like making friends really! If you put kindness and friendliness out there, it will come back to you in return.

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Secondly- When engaging: Go slow. We’ve heard it since we were young in the age-old fable of the tortoise and the hare- slow and steady wins the race!


When you are engaging and following through on our tip number one above (As we know you will be!) It’s important to note that REAL engagement is far superior to ‘fast’ engagement. In other words: Instagram can tell if you’re going to quickly, and it doesn’t like it.

When you’re scrolling through, finding accounts to interact with, do so nice at a nice and steady pace, otherwise, Instagram may confuse your fast activity as ‘fake’ or think you are a bot- and we definitely don’t want that! 

The algorithm is a clever one and it has limitations for the number of interactions per hour and per day- so keep this in mind when commenting on the posts of other accounts.

Thirdly-When you are posting, try and think of questions or comments that will be truly engaging, don’t comment for the sake of it.  

For example, we see a lot of comments such as “great post, really great job!” on people’s posts, which is pretty un-inspired, and doesn’t really make the account holder want to reply to this kind of run-of-the-mill type of engagement. 

Try asking a question, or asking them more about what it is they’re posting about- this will help you stand out in the crowd and give you a much higher chance of creating a rapport and online community. 

On a post about a skincare product you really like, you could say something like: This product is so beautiful to use! Can I ask: what inspired you to create it? 

This is the type of comment where the user will be really likely to respond, as someone is showing genuine interest in what they’re doing. It’s a win/win for both parties! 

The like button is gone, but engagement is still key and being ‘present’ online will now matter more than ever! 

Did you find this blog helpful? What do you think of the like button being removed on Instagram? Share with us your thoughts in the blog comments below! 

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