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Paying yourself super as a startup

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2at / 2 / 05th Aug 2019
How to protect your ideas and creativity

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2at / 0 / 29th Jul 2019

What is a workation?   Put simply, it is a holiday that combines both business and leisure. Why would you take one? According to, one of the number...

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T-Marie / 0 / 05th Oct 2018
Startup to success: Zac Hayes

Small business accounts… Let’s be honest, startups dread it almost as much as much as the dread of the cost of legal advice. We’re too excited about designing our...

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T-Marie / 0 / 18th Jul 2018
Influencer Marketing | The legal side

Influencer marketing has always been a popular tactic for businesses, I even recall using it back when I was working in fashion marketing, over 4 years ago now. And...

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T-Marie / 0 / 07th Jan 2018
How to take a holiday as a Start-up

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.” — Bryant McGill; During my first year in business, I found myself working what felt like 24/7,...

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T-Marie / 0
The Basics of SEO

I’m going to assume if you have found this article that you have little or no knowledge as to what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation. I often get asked...

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T-Marie / 0 / 29th Mar 2017

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