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A quick-start guide to avoiding self-doubt and procrastination

  Let me introduce you to Andrea, founder of Project Self. I first met Andrea a little over a year ago at the co-working space we both are part...

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T-Marie / 0 / 01st May 2018
Influencer Marketing | The legal side

Influencer marketing has always been a popular tactic for businesses, I even recall using it back when I was working in fashion marketing, over 4 years ago now. And...

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T-Marie / 0 / 07th Jan 2018

FROM FREELANCE TO BUSINESS: What’s the difference? You’ve started your business, but you keep hearing that one question that almost sounds snide, and as if though you have to...

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T-Marie / 0 / 02nd Oct 2017
How to take a holiday as a Start-up

“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.” — Bryant McGill; During my first year in business, I found myself working what felt like 24/7,...

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T-Marie / 0
The Basics of SEO

I’m going to assume if you have found this article that you have little or no knowledge as to what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation. I often get asked...

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T-Marie / 0 / 29th Mar 2017
One week at One Roof

When it came to starting my business, as a startup (and a social creature), I found isolation to be one of the hardest struggles to personally overcome. Working from...

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T-Marie / 0

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