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Toni-Marie Aston is the Founder of 2aT Startup.

Back in 2015, she combined both her passion of supporting small business with her expertise in digital marketing and branding to bring her vision to life.

Toni launched  2aT Startup, with a mission to not only support small business but also to educate them about what makes a great brand.

Now only two years after launching, 2aT has gained a strong clientele and is quickly becoming a supportive platform and online resource hub for small businesses alike.

For any collaborative and speaking requests please complete the below enquiry form.

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Available for:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Q&A discussions
  • Panels
  • Small group discussions
  • Facilitation workshops


  • Startup support & starting a business
  • Entrepreneur stories: personal struggles and success
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Branding for business
  • And more