What have we been up to?

One of our values is to ensure we support and continue to be apart of the Melbourne startup community. Below you can keep an eye out as to what exciting and fun things we have been up to. If you would like for 2aT to get involved in your next event make sure you get in touch.

Upcoming Events


In partnership with One Roof Australia, 2aT Startup provides free 30 minute Social Media consultations every Tuesday afternoon.

Discover & learn about the importance of communicating your brand and brand values effectively on your Social Media platforms. From designing mood-boards, refining your values, to talking to YOUR audience authentically and creating consistency, everything plays a part on Social Media.

Private Workshops

We don’t believe there’s a one size fits all approach to digital marketing or branding, that’s why we offer private training and workshops completely customised & tailored to your brands’ needs, vision & goals.

Sit down with 2aT Startup and learn how you can best leverage your social profiles, implement marketing strategies or build a stronger brand.

Workshops are run all year around. Read more about our most requested Social Media Strategy Workshop here, or get in touch to customise your own.

Past Events

2aT Startup Celebrates 2 years in business!

As another year passes in the blink of an eye, we naturally take time out to reflect. If we have learnt anything in this crazy rollercoaster world of startups, it’s to celebrate the highs & learn from the lows. And, to thank your cheerleaders, from family to friends, & fellow business buddies, 2aT Startup thanks you for all your support.

And most importantly, thank you to our clients. Without your trust, support and patience (because let’s be honest it doesn’t always run smoothly when starting a business) we wouldn’t be here without you.

On December 15th, 2017, we celebrated our success with our nearest and dearest. Thank you.

Equality Celebrations!

Where were you on November 15th, 2017?

We are proud to say we voted yes & as a small business (as well as human beings) we believe in a world where everyone is treated equally, no matter their age, gender, race, or sexual preference.

On November 15th, as all 20 of us gathered around a laptop to await the news, there was nothing but tears of joy, hugs and of course dancing. We loved being part of the celebration at One Roof Melbourne. Here’s a couple of snaps from the day featuring the cutest mascot of all, Dudley, the office dog.

At 2aT Startup we stand tall for equality.

Let’s get Digital Workshop

The League of Extraordinary Women asked 2aT Startup to present at their Let’s Get Digital Workshop over the weekend. Toni joined 3 other experts in the digital field to discuss the importance of Social Media in your SEO strategy. The key takeaway from all speakers was a trend of encouragement to ensure you are using quality content, providing resources to your audience (not just sales), and ensuring you are being authentic across all platforms.

The full day workshop was such a great opportunity to share our knowledge and be around other inspiring goal setters in business.

Interview with Sheree Rubinstein

Sheree, the Founder of One Roof Australia and Toni, sat down to discuss facing the fear of bringing yourself into your brands social media.

Women on the Go

This was 2aT’s second year participating at Yarra Valleys Women on the Go event, held on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 was a wonderful morning of inspiration organised by Yarra Ranges Business.

The Institute of Code

Our Founder, Toni-Marie Aston was asked to teach a group of small business owners at a 10 day retreat where they learnt the essentials of digital advertising, social media, analytics and more.

Toni taught classes of up to 12 students with topics ranging from; how to effectively run Social Media for business, SEO basics and how to set up Facebook advertising campaigns. Throughout the 10 days, she also ran Instagram mastermind sessions and provided mentoring to the students.

2aT Startup celebrating one year in business party!

A big thank you to everyone that came to celebrate 2aT Startup 1 Year in Business Party! So much fun was had & to all those that helped make the night happen – Thank you.

Some special mentions and thanks to: Prue Aja – For capturing most of these amazing photos! Fig & Bloom for the beautiful floral displays & One Roof Australia for the incredible event space!

New Beginnings Fair

2aT Startups first major expo was at New Beginnings Fair in Melbourne 2016. Creating a fun, interactive and creative space, 2aT stood out from the crowd and loved being part of such an amazing startup event.

“New Beginnings Fair is a unique event for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. Inspiring speakers, workshops, vendors and a whole lot more.”

Women on the Go

Alongside other amazing women in business 2aT exhibited at the Women on the Go by Maroondah city council. These local events support and provide an opportunity for women in business to come together to network and promote their business.

“New Beginnings Fair is a unique event for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. Inspiring speakers, workshops, vendors and a whole lot more.”